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Dress Code

Students are required to wear dance clothing and proper shoes to each class.

 - Hair must be neatly pulled back and in a bun for ballet, and in a ponytail, bun or braid(s) for all other classes.
- The following is a list of clothing requirements for classes:

          Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Competition, and Technique Classes -

                  Leotards, tights, leggings, dance skirts, leotards, tank tops, dance capris, dance shorts (not jean),                    dance shirts (not baggy) of any color are acceptable.
          Hip Hop -

                  T-shirts, sweats, baggy shorts, or any other dance clothes are all acceptable for hip hop.
           Ballet -

                 Ballet dancers in ALL classes are required to wear any color leotards and pink tights.  All                                   students may wear a ballet skirt if desired.  Pointe students must have their pointe shoes for

                 every class, or they will be asked to sit and watch.  Failure to wear pointe shoes to classes may

                 result in a level change. Absolutely no t-shirts for ballet!!!

 - Required Shoes (Please do not wear dance shoes outside of the studio) 
         Jazz/Technique - All levels should have tan jazz shoes. Competition group students must have tan               Pulse jazz shoes.
         Lyrical/Contemporary - Foot Undeez or Pirouette Lyrical Shoes
         Tap - Black oxford or laceless tap shoes (no laceless shoes for competition)
         Ballet - Pink ballet shoes (black for boys).          

           Primary Ballet should have leather ballet shoes.

           Elementary and Junior Ballet can have leather or canvas ballet shoes.  Pre-pointe & up should have              canvas ballet shoes. All levels need soft ballet shoes.
           Pointe Shoes - Only for Pre-pointe, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Pointe students as

            specified by instructor.
         Hip Hop - Tennis shoes (used only for class). Color and style will be specified closer to the show once             costumes are chosen.
         Intro to Dance - Pink ballet shoes (laceless are preferred) and black tap shoes (any kind)

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